Friday, January 31, 2014

To My Daughters

I understand women who wrestle. We all wrestle. As you grow up, I hope we will have many opportunities to talk to each other about our personal wrestles, and I hope so much I will be able to share with you the profound truths I have learned in my own wrestles with God, and the wrestles of your Grandmothers and Aunts, that you might be strong and wise and happy, continuing to build on the mighty legacy of the women who have come before you.
In this world, you will hear many voices telling you many things. I hope you will cultivate deep within yourself the knowledge that you hold a very important and critical place as a Daughter of God -- that no one could ever replace you and the work you will do. I hope you will learn from my learning, that you are as important to your Father in Heaven as any of His sons, and so capable. That He needs you. He needs what you will bring to the world. I hope you will rejoice in the feminine qualities that you had born within you -- because that is just what they are -- qualities. You do not have to be like men. In fact, please don't be. They are so awesome! I hope you will honor their contribution. But YOU are SO AWESOME! You are unique. How amazing to be you... that the great Creator gave you the gift of being you.
I hope you will understand you will never be Less Then. Please learn from my wrestles. I hope we will talk about this a lot as you grow, I hope that I will be able to cultivate that knowledge within you that you don't ever need to doubt or worry about how your place compares to the place of someone else.
This is what I want you to know: Women are Mothers. Men are Fathers. Both so critical and important. But being a Mother is different. It is powerful -- like no other power on earth. Men hold the power of the priesthood. Women hold the power to nurture. Make no mistake, they are both powers. Both are physical and spiritual powers. Both powers given to bless the lives of others. Men receive the power of God through the laying on of hands. You receive the power of God because it was actually BORN within you. I know of no other power like that. What a privilege. What an opportunity. What a blessing. What complimentary gifts!
Your Dad said something so beautiful to me. As we talked about our feelings... what we hope our sons and daughters will understand... he shared his belief that men are given the power of our Heavenly Father and women are given the power of our Heavenly Mother. Isn't that the most beautiful thought?
Never be ashamed to be a Woman. It is one of the greatest gifts you've been given in your life -- your gender and unique identity. Hold your head up and walk tall -- you are truly a Daughter of God.
Let's face it -- being a girl is totally awesome!!!
I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you.

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