Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Parent Teacher

This week is parent teacher conference. They do one in the fall with just the parent and teacher and one in the spring(ish) where the student comes and leads the parent through the conference. I am ashamed to say I've become THAT parent. I got an email from both teachers saying "So are you going to sign up to come?" before saying, "Why yes, today is the day!" I just put it off. Not that I'm NOT going to do it, because I am. I just procrastinate nailing down a time, because then I am committed. I know! So horrible!!! Sigh. I apologize, all you teachers out there. I should definitely think about repenting.
So we went and it was great. They are both doing great and it is satisfying to see them make a path for themselves. KJ is a reader extraordinaire -- he reads at a high school level and zips through books like a pro. He is also trying to not let his reading get in the way of his other learning, which I know can be challenging when you love it so much. He is working hard on math and gaining some confidence there, which is something I really, really want for him. His teacher has such wonderful things to say about him -- about his huge heart, his kindness, that he is friends with everyone, and that seeing him just brightens her day. Hurrah for Kaje! And he passed his 3rd quarter goal! That's right. The stud muffin in the picture behind him is him, living up the glory. KJ is a great boy and we are proud of him.
Olivia is also a rock star. She has reached her end-of-the-year levels (so as the Double B's Mom says, does that mean she doesn't have to go anymore? Ha ha) I've been super impressed at how much her reading has just taken off like a rocket lately. Her writing is still sometimes pretty hard to read -- she is a very phonetic speller and struggles to make spaces, etc., but she works her little duff off with it, so that won't be a problem long term. She is doing great. She loves her teacher and her teacher loves her. She was very proud to give me the grand tour of the classroom. I know I say this all the time, but she is just so CUTE. She melts my heart. We are very proud of her. This is her article about Harriet Tubman, one of her favorite American Heroes (Liv is pretty much a Civil Rights-er. She has always had a leaning to those kinds of stories, which is awesome.):
Today they finally get to have the long-awaited Valentine's party, since there is no school on V-Day. The school is selling little Candy Grams for a quarter, and I told them they could use some of their chore money to send a Candy Gram to each other and one other person. They were super excited. KJ chose his good friend Emma, but Olivia instantly yelled out "RYAN!!!" The great love of her life, currently. She certainly has the most dedicated heart to her crushes of any person since her own mother (this will lead to great teenage angst, but what do you do?). We saw Ryan and his Mom last night and exchanged winks, so I'm sure Liv's future Mother-in-law will be happy to see there is real allegiance there!
I love love. It's fun.

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