Thursday, February 13, 2014

Tiny People

I bought this shirt at the Ute Stampede as a teenager, because I just thought it was SO HILARIOUS. And then put it in my little keepsake chest. Recently rediscovered it and Katelyn wears it with pride. It is almost as funny about HER Grandma as it was about MY Grandma. Grandma's are the best!
Kate and her BFF Wandrew get to choose two shows to watch during their day together. They usually choose 'The Princess and the Frog' and 'Special Agent Oso.' It took us quite a while to come to this consensus, but things have been peaceful ever since we discovered a mutual love and admiration for both. Every single time we have a real show-stopper singing "I'm almost there." That last big note at the end practically enters the stratosphere. It sounds something like this: "I'm AAAAALLLLLmostttttt TTTTTTTTTTHHHHHHHHEEEEEEEEERRRRRRREEEEEEEE!!!!!!" It ventures way off the beginning note and ends somewhere between a plea and a tribal yell. It is very invigorating to listen to. Gets the blood pumping. 
I've been thinking about little children, specifically the little children in my life. Not just my own little children, but just the species in general and what I am to learn and take from my experiences with them. Between my church calling and my little classes, there are more then two hundred kids age 11 and under that I interact with every single week. I know their names, they know mine. We spend lots of time interacting and watching each other. I have always liked kids, even since I WAS one, but it seems like the Lord is giving me that opportunity to go above and beyond that into a new level of admiration and understanding. Truthfully, I think that might be one of the reasons I am where I am right now, so the planets could align in this situation. I am learning how much a short personal interaction means. How much a quick squeeze, a smile, an encouragement can mean to them. I am learning that in theory, and hopefully soon in constant practice, I should be able and willing to put whatever is in my hands or on my mind on the back burner so that I can really have those moments with them. And then taking that to even the next level with my own precious kids. Sometimes I feel like I'm failing gloriously but days like yesterday I feel hopeful that I'm learning. I had a Dad come down after class to express his appreciation. I got two beautiful notes from Moms saying that I was making a difference for their little one. And those are the moments you hold really close, like a pretty rock you take out to look at sometimes. I try to keep those things or write them in my journal. I really believe that being able and willing to hear the good -- even about yourself -- is a big part of the process of shaving down the negative and the noise and finding a clear and honest view. We learn, we learn, we learn. I say it often, but I understand what Joseph Smith meant when he said he was a rough stone rolling. Sometimes I can almost feel myself moving down the mountain, pieces ad chunks breaking off -- sometimes gently and sometimes in a massive explosion of debris -- but hopefully leading to that smooth, gentle boulder I was meant to be at the end.

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