Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Cupid '14

Valentine's came and went. We really, really like V-Day at our house -- it's been fun to kind of change it into a whole family holiday. The kids know it will be special and they get so excited! There was no school that day, so we ventured over to Dunkin' Donuts after they opened their little Valentine's from Mom and Dad and Grandma and Grandpa. Kate was a little mystified at what was making the day special, but she was happy to go along with it! We spent the early afternoon playing with the Tates, which was wonderful because you know how it is after the holidays -- it pretty much takes all of January to recover and reinstate a social life! We swung by to pick up our pizzas for dinner (part of the tradition), and by that time Daddy was home, yay! So Liv helped me set up the table and away we went. I like to gather cute little Valentine's to put around their plates:
This is the Double B's place. Olivia got interpretive and added little tiny baggies of popcorn and half filled glasses of punch... which I loved. She also spent about half an hour making arrows leading us up the stairs and a sign above the table that said "Wilkum to food Hivin" (Welcome to food Heaven). Cracked us up. She was super proud, and it did look awesome! 
Yum. Yum. We got to go around the table and everyone got to say one thing they loved about each person. It was sweet to hear some of their answers! 
And here is KJ's wall of hearts. My kids LOVE this part -- and I love to do it for them. But by the time I put up the love letter at the end of the 14 days, I'm happy to have it accomplished! KJ was thinking maybe we could just do it EVERY day, all year round! Ha ha -- he's just like his Mom -- words of affirmation mean everything.
So glad I have my little family to mug on. They are the brightest, best thing in life! Love them!!! Glad we have Valentine's Day to help us celebrate the love we have for each other! 

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