Sunday, June 8, 2014

Jon And Trina

The only problem with having the extremely wonderful joy of having family come visit (if there could be a problem), is that then the excitement comes to an end and they have to go home and you have to pick up the pieces of your shattered life. That's right, people. Shattered. I'm just going to go ahead and dramatize to the point of real signs of psychosis, because at 32 weeks pregnant, I AM A WRECK OF A HUMAN BEING. Seriously. I can't do this anymore. I can't. Not for one more second. Except that I have to. "They" are making me. And I do mean the proverbial "they." You know. Them. So rather then dwell on the sad, sorry state of delusion that is mine right now, let's go back and visit last week in pictures.
It was just so dreamy.
My big brother Jon and his wife that I just love so much Trina came to visit!!! Life-long dream come true! Well, if I would have known all my life that at 31 I'd be living in Kansas City, it would totally have always been a dream of mine. Let's say year and a half long dream come true! They drove out with their four little chickens and we partied it up mid-west style (though my brother-in-law Steve contends that Missouri is in the South. I do not accept, because I don't want it to be. The end.). We had such a great time. We saw many of the church history sights and much of the local awesomeness. We hung out and laughed and stayed up way too late only to wake up way too early. And Trina took me to lunch once where I ate enough Mexican food to feed a small army. It was rather magical.
Here we are at Liberty Jail:
And Far West: 
And Adam-Ondi-Ahman (man, do I love this picture of Olivia): 
Anytime we went anywhere in public people stared at us like we were a circus act. Let's face it, we were! All those small children together just drew lots of attention. That's right, folks. We are just that awesome! The cousins loved, loved, loved every second of being together.
We graciously let them experience tornado weather so that Jon could take that home and put it in his arsenal of horror stories, and Trina even got to see the fire flies! I think they might have come out just for her.
We played lots of games, ate lots of treats, and visited to our hearts content. I wish I didn't have to send them back. I wish that reality could suspend and I could keep my loved ones close, or that at least I would become better able to handle reality sometimes.
I am a gigantic sissy.
Sometimes home seems so very far away, so to have them here was something really special and I'll always remember it. They win the sibling award!
Best time ever. Thanks, guys. We love you so much and we'll always remember you came to us out in Kansas City!!! Absolutely, positively meant the world. Happy times!


Ducksoup said...

Oh how fun rie! Sounds like a great trip. If only I could get in the car and drive on out :). Best memories having family visit but worst feeling ever having them leave. I even felt like that when you left me in the NICU. Someday you'll be back home where you belong :)...can hardly wait!

Tink said...

It was such an amazing trip! Thanks for making it fun! The fire flies were magical!