Monday, September 8, 2014

Grandma And Grandpa Meet Benson

So the long awaited moment arrived! Benson got to meet his grandparents. We were so, so happy to have them here! I'll admit it, I am totally a Momma's girl. Plus, I'm a Daddy's girl. Basically, we lived so close to both of our parents our whole married life because we LIKE them. So being so far away during the pregnancy and delivery was hard for me. I could barely keep it together driving to the airport to pick them up! There wasn't enough room for all of us and them, too, in the Durango, so it was just Benson and I that went to pick them up (Katelyn found this very disturbing, as she has always been my buddy going to the airport to pick up Grandma and Grandpa)! The timing was perfect, by the time I'd parked and gotten Benson out and situated, I walked into the airport and coming down the hallway were my Mom and Dad. Happy moment! We gave hugs and then unveiled the star of the hour. They liked him:
And apparently found him very cute:
Grandpa and my boys (wasn't really that long ago that KJ was my tiny baby, but now he's my tiny giant, and Benson is the tiny baby!): 
The girls starting a rousing performance of "Let It Go" for Grandma. Let me tell you, it was rousing. I'm pretty sure Grandma got several showings while she was here, but that is what Grandma's are for -- to convince you that you are wonderful, and uniquely talented: 
It was just so comforting to have them here. They stayed for about a week and a half, so it wasn't rushed at all. So appreciate their sacrifice to be willing to do that! We loved every second. We just mostly stayed around the house and enjoyed each others company. It was great. 
They were such a big help. My Mom worked like crazy, cleaning the house, cooking, basically giving a million acts of service. And my poor Dad got roped into an accidental painting. We'd asked him to help us patch a few small holes in the walls, which somehow merged into a major painting project, and even a "saw into the wall" incident. Poor man! But we so appreciated his expertise. Oh, boy. He and the Double B spent two days straight painting, and then half of another day a few days later! That is not a fun way to spend a vacation, but we so appreciated it. Plus, I finally said goodbye to a paint color I have truly disliked for almost two years, and hello to a nice bright cream that is my new best friend. 
My parents are pretty much the best.
Benson checking out his Grandma: 
And totally sprawled out with Grandpa. Look at those little arms tossed above his head: 
I am so thankful for our time together with this new little baby that has joined our family. And I know they were so happy to be here. We are lucky to have each other! 

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