Sunday, December 6, 2015

A Very Sperry Christmas

This weekend was the annual Sperry Christmas Party... first time I've seen some of my cousins in four years! My maternal extended family has always been really close, so I loved seeing everybody. 
The kids got to sit on Santa's lap (all four are still firm believers!). KJ is about to outgrow Santa, so there's that. 
Olivia got teased about wanting a One Direction poster (she's crossing over into serious fanhood), and if she's so grown up then she must also want a prom dress -- maybe a red one with sparkles! She thought it was SO HILARIOUS. 
Katelyn impressed me with her Santa composure. She told him she wants a cloud pet, which she saw on tv. Santa and I both don't know what that is, exactly. (Look, my FC is in the background!) She pretty much used Santa as a lounge chair. 
Here's Benson, trying to convince himself Santa is not a serial killer. He was so good, didn't shed a tear. Tried to start calm and it worked. You can see from his body language it was pretty tense. Good job, Benny! 
Played fun games
Got to visit with my dear old Great Aunt Dot. She is my grandpa KJ's little sister. Love that lady.
Sara and Katie made me laugh. I have so many funny and lovable cousins. I basically am just related to a lot of awesome people.
Some of the great grandkids. 
It was a good time and I'm happy I got to be there. 
Tonight we found out we are being moved to a new ward (church congregation) as wards split -- and in a newly formed stake! We are SO EXCITED. We have tried and worked so hard at it, but have struggled to feel welcome and a part of our ward, so we were pretty much over the moon to have a chance to start anew. We've been a part of several ward boundary changes and have seen a lot of great things happen with them, so we're excited. Plus, neither of us have ever been in a new stake, so that'll be cool to see. Go us. Ch-ch-ch-changes! Maybe we're going to become demented change people. It could happen. 

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