Sunday, December 13, 2015

Christmas Baking

Yesterday was busy. We went and bought all our baking supplies for Christmas baking and helped as the kids shopped for each others Christmas gifts (they draw names). 
It was fun, and careful planning went into what we would make. My mom always made the best Christmas candy -- homemade caramels, licorice, fudge, etc. I loved it so much growing up! My kids loved baked goodies, so they chose chocolate chip cookies (mandatory for daddy's happiness), peanut butter cookies with Christmas m&m's, sugar cookies with holiday sprinkles, turtles, caramel popcorn, and chocolate covered cinnamon bears. We got through four of the six and the kitchen looked like a hurricane had swept through. It was great. The kids LOVED it, and I was able to let them live as we worked together, which I loved, haha. Teaching children to crack eggs, etc, is a lot for anyone! We've been working on it for quite some time but it's a hard concept. They were very happy to be helpers. 
It was fun to be able to give our new bishop and his counselor a treat plate when they came to visit us last night. The kids loved that and so did we. That makes me feel especially Christmas-y, to give treats. They were so nice and I think we'll be very happy in this ward. Church today went great. And you guessed it -- I'm a primary teacher! I figured it out last night, that this is my seventh call to the primary. I've done one stint in young womens, a year and a half as a relief society teacher, and the rest making the rounds in primary. I will do my dardest! I know how to have fun and love those kids. So I just asked the relief society sisters today to be my friends even if I'm hiding in the corner room! 
The kids did well. Katelyn was very scared but made it through. Olivia was like an old pro. And I saw the bishop put his arm around KJ's shoulders and introduce him to the other deacons before the meeting. That meant so much to me. 
In other news, both of my daughters had babies yesterday. I was able to visit them in "the hospital" and everything. Katelyn had a daughter named Jill Maura and then Olivia had a daughter named August Marie. I'm very proud, as you can imagine. 
The girls had a great time wrapping presents. I especially enjoyed Katelyn's effort: a partially opened gift bag and a torn up target bag as stuffing. She cracks me up. 
And here's Benson after his third pancake, feeling awesome. He is a very cheerful garbage disposal! 
We're excited for our new ward! And high on sugar. 

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Ducksoup said...

I love you and your amazing blog. Happy baking! You are awesome. Glad your new ward is gonna be great!