Sunday, December 6, 2015

Gobble Gobble

We had such a great Thanksgiving. We had two Thanksgiving dinners, because the Double B's family came down on our off year, so Thursday was with my family and Friday with the Double B's. We are loving getting to be there! We know we will probably move several times for BB's career, and that'll be fine, but we are totally enjoying this time when we're close. 
My brother Matt is a runner now (because he's a Rockstar, basically), and as I've been taking my health back and practicing off and on for a 5k, we've been planning to run one together, and talked about doing it on Thanksgiving. I'm not going to lie, I was super excited when he suggested we go hiking instead!  
The two of us, our little brother Nick, and my sweetie pie set off on an adventure and had a blast. I have to say, it feels amazing to experience my body able to do this kind of crazy stuff again! My dedication to regaining good health is paying off and I'm becoming physically strong again, and I love it! I even went on a trail I would have never gone on before, but I'm brave now. And I threw my first big rock off a cliff! I had to laugh when I was getting ready to chuck it and felt the Double B's hand clench onto the back of my shirt, just to make sure I didn't chuck myself off, too. Matt had some awesome thoughts about following those who have "walked your path" before and about avoiding any kind of spiritual "infection" in your life. It was pretty profound. He's kind of like my own personal philosopher. I loved getting to spend that time with a few of my favorite people!
When we got back to my parents house dinner was about ready and it was pretty amazing to see how their family had grown! From six when we were growing up to twenty one (almost twenty two)! It was noisy and funny and delicious. I really love my family. I feel so blessed to have them in my life. 
We all cleaned up together and spent the afternoon relaxing and looking at ads for Blank Friday, as one does. 
Friday morning the girls all hit the town (I missed Black Friday shopping almost as much as Thanksgiving when we were far away!) and got some good deals and had a great time. The Double B and the kids had a great morning with their family B cousins and then we ate another delicious meal! Then took an adventure up onto Molly's Mountain (one of my favorite places in the world!) and hiked some more (rock on, strong and able body). 
Saturday we helped Grandma B with her million leaves and relaxed, then headed home Sunday morning so I could teach my cutie pie primary class. 
It was another wonderful Thanksgiving. 

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