Sunday, December 6, 2015

Remembering Halloween In December

So what happens when you become "less dedicated" to faithfully updating your beloved family blog is that you have to put Halloween pictures up in the middle of Christmas preparations in order to prove it happened. But OH WELL. I'm doing it, dangit! Let the children never say I didn't write about Halloween in 2015.
We celebrated "Nevada Day" (a real thing) by going to Utah and trick or treating with cousins. It was a fabulous event, as all Halloweens are when costumes and candy are involved. 
KJ was something Greek. It was a god of his own creation, but I can't tell you his name, because I don't know it. It's December and I've forgotten. Sorry. Olivia was Cinderella. Basically the cutest Cinderella of all time, really. Every once in a while she will still put on the costume and descend slowly down the stairs for us. 
Katelyn was Rainbow Dash from My Little Pony, and it made me happy just to see her in that costume. She LOVED it and it fit her big personality in a little body so perfectly. 
Benson was a mummy, kind of. Basically because the shirt was $3.50 and I am significantly cheaper on my fourth child then I was on my first. But what a darling mummy he was! #fistbump
Grandma and Grandpa had a fun party. 
Including the world's most hilarious donut eating contest. Short little Ty gave us all the laugh of our lives. Katelyn was super dedicated to her effort, as well. 
The trick-or-treating gang. Together again! 

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