Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Crack Up

Every once in awhile Katelyn will say something that just really cheers me up. It happened tonight.
I came home from a new dentist, stressed and bummed by my unfortunate tooth genetics. The Double B was stressed and snappy because the kids were driving him crazy while I was gone (and also -- he forgot the children at school! Forgot to pick them up on time, even with text reminders. And also, I forgot to tell him the important information that Liv was going with a friend to Activity Days, so basically the school thought she was M.I.A. while Katelyn waited for a no-show Dad. It was not our finest hour). So there was some chaos that reigned for a few minutes, but as I was putting in some noodles to boil Katelyn saved the day. I could hear her in the half bathroom. For no reason whatsoever, she loudly proclaimed: "I think I might have blood in there. I guess I'm a woman now!" Uhhhhh... hmm. It was all said in a very cheerful, oh-well type of voice. I just had to stop and enjoy the humor of the moment with me, myself, and I. This girl. She really is outrageous sometimes.
Dear Grown-Up Katelyn,
I love this story. Thanks for being you.
Love, Mom.
Later as I finished making dinner, she was telling me about a very competitive game that happened at her school. "It was just like a BYU and Utah game, Mom. And I know that Utah is the worst team ever!" Um. Okay? She really didn't get that from us (probably), so I think I have to give the blame for this one to Uncle Jonnie! Utah is cool. Really.
The Double B came down to tell me that Liv was in our bathroom singing and brushing her hair. When he asked what she was doing she said "Just singing and brushing my LUXURIOUS hair! I know it's what Mom would want me to do!" When she came down she told me "Mom, I was just upstairs brushing my hair and singing my little heart out!"
Ah, parenting.
Dear Grown-Up Olivia,
I love this story. Thanks for being you.
Love, Mom.

P.S.I think Benson is picking up some more words. Today he was trying to say "yes" and "thank you." Go, Benny, Go!

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