Thursday, January 28, 2016

Katelyn's Big Day

Last night Katelyn came running in -- "I loosed my tooth! I loosed my tooth!" When we went to the dentist in December he told her she would lose her bottom two teeth pretty soon. "Dr. B was right!!!"
So exciting! She'd just been "giving it a wiggle, when it popped out!" She was so excited to share hugs and tell the whole family. My little heart went pitter-pat.
Around dinner time she started saying she didn't feel so good and didn't touch her plate. I knew where this was headed and got her a big bowl to carry around. Poor little baby had the stomach flu and didn't have such a great night after that. Olivia the little mother took extra special care of her, cuddling her on the couch, heating a heating pad, getting her drinks, and finally "making sure she was comfortable" in bed with all her favorite toys. 
Pretty crowded in there! I love her eyes in this one. Ha ha! 
True to form, KJ ran out of the room every time she was sick and Liv hunkered down helping hold the bowl. Katelyn was a trooper through out the ordeal! How I love these crazy little people. They fill my soul with happiness and give my life a beautiful purpose. 
I had the fairly dumb experience of being at the dentist for five and a half hours getting two shiny new crowns on and felt fairly miserable after, the Double B held down the fort all day and sweetly made dinner -- his specialty, fried potatoes. Yum. Benson was not interested in me at all when I got home, he was too busy helping Dad sweep. He'll drag that broom all over the planet. Then he went down for a nap at four and woke up at seven this morning! Then couldn't wait to go back down for his nap at nine. Guess he's tired! KJ had a wonderful time at Young Men's and everyone  went down for the night. 
Our male Tooth Fairy was in charge of the exchange last night since the female Tooth Fairy was in bed asleep. He found this under Kates pillow and graciously left it for us to see. 
Katee was on CLOUD NINE this morning with her first dollar from the Tooth Fairy, and thankfully felt great and happily went off to school. 

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