Tuesday, February 2, 2016


Benson went to nursery all by himself! He loved it. When I dropped him off, he just stood there, vigorously sucking on his binky while I casually walked away before he headed for the toys. When I picked him up, he was just sitting on the floor, vigorously sucking on his binky while they blew bubbles over his head. He looked at me like "oh, hey." This is the picture he drew:
That's right. He gave Thomas S. Monson a 'stache. The kids are even prouder of it then he is. First they put it on the fridge, but by that night Kate had taped it in the stairwell like a prized piece of art. Pretty cute. The next morning he wadded it up, took a bite out of it, and that was the end of that. 
Yesterday morning in the time it took me to use the restroom he ate a fourth a cube of butter and then painted his hands, face, the floor, the door, and the stairs in butter. He was so happy. I couldn't even be upset, I was just so darn impressed by his speed and gastrointestinal fortitude. This kid. Here he is right after the butter incident, hanging out in his clubhouse and eating the teddy grahams he'd dumped all over. 
We've had a bug at our house. Kate had it, then Liv has been yucky the last couple days and had to come home from school early today. Yesterday was Benson's day. He was such an angel despite feeling yucky. But have you seen the movie 'Here Comes The Boom' with the projectile vomit? That was him last night. Just stood there and epically barfed twice. Then toddled off in search of the keyboard he plays with, perfectly happy again. Yuck! Parenting is dirty work. 
Yesterday there were snow flurries on the way to school! The kids were SO EXCITED. Olivia yelled out "You're welcome, Las Vegas!" Like we had something to do with it. I think they take the credit because we came from Kansas City so we must have brought it with us. So exciting. 
Saturday Trina and my dear friends Shawna and Jodi came and spent the whole day. It was perfectly magical! We laughed our heads off and talked, talked, talked. The kids had just as much fun as I did! You (the collective you) should not underestimate having friends, if you have them. They are a good thing and when you don't really have them, it can be pretty sad! I felt loved that they would come. 
Since February has arrived (hallelujah!) That means I've been hanging little love notes the last two nights. I jerked awake at 1:30 this morning because someone was in my room. It was Olivia! She'd woken up in the middle of the night to make me some hearts of my own and was taping them to the wall. Both terrifying and so, so adorable. 
They say "I love your jokes" and "I love the way you cuddle."
So I guess you could say I'm pretty lucky. 


Ducksoup said...

What an update! Sorry about the vomit! No fun!! And those hearts are the sweetest thing ever! That is sooo cute, like should be told at her wedding luncheon--says so much about her kindness and love and makes me think how kids learn from example. I better get my game on so my kids can be nice like that. Rieser--wish I was with you on Saturday! ❤️

Tara said...

I fell asleep one day after school when Bransen was around Benson's age and I was awakened to my kids telling me I should wake up because he had the butter. It wasn't pretty! All over the toy kitchen and his hands and face. It kind of makes me laugh to look back at the pictures now but it wasn't so funny at the time. Never a dull moment with kids.