Saturday, March 19, 2016

Good, Better, Best

This week The Double B and I have put a whole, whole lot of thought into living our life according to "Good, Better, Best."
What is good? What is better? What is best?
It is so interesting when the choices you are making are not between what is right and what is wrong, what is good or what is bad, but between what is better and what is best. How do you make those choices when you are not sure which one is which -- which one is better and which one is best? When there are pros and cons to both decisions. When there are powerful things swaying you both ways?
I am beginning to see that the Lord is not interested in using any sky writing to tell us what to do. He wants us to decide, and then to act. I understand that. But I also know He wants us to counsel with Him. So we have. I have prayed and prayed, and yesterday I fasted. When Olivia asked why I was fasting, I told her I needed an answer to a question and by fasting I was trying to gain greater access to the whisperings of the Spirit. (I am so thankful for the law of the fast.) No clear answer yet. 
As the Double B and I talked at length again last night, we agreed that what we both really need is clarity. Clarity in our thinking and in our decision making process. Because whatever better or whatever best we choose, we need full confidence moving forward.
I am hopeful that the Lord hears our prayers and that He will show us the way we should go.

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