Tuesday, March 29, 2016

98th Percentile

Benson had a check-up today. 
There is no love lost between Benson and medical professionals. He believes they are dementors sent to disturb his very happy existence and may never believe otherwise. Of course, his current pediatric office is pretty much the least kid-friendly kid place ever, but hey.
He sure is cute. He loves babies and found some cute ones. And he loves these groovy tables, so it started out great. 
He continues his reign of giganticness, and is 95% in height (35 inches) and 98% in weight (32 pounds). Go, Benny, Go! 
We always wait forever to see the nice doctor, whom he despises, then we wait forever for the nurse to come give shots, which he despises more. As you can see, we leave pretty much emotionally traumatized. 
The upside is, yesterday he learned to march, so while having a little Benson-style tantrum, he marched very quickly while fake crying. It was really cute and very ridiculous, so I had to laugh. So he laughed. Tantrum over. And... scene. 
Took about three minutes to drift of into peaceful sleep after we made our escape.  
Poor little fella. Hoping he wakes up ready to give his day a better shake. Sure love this little boy of mine and so thankful for his good health. 

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