Thursday, May 12, 2016


Today I made my Grandma A's famous wheat bread. I have been wanting the recipe for a long time but wasn't sure if it had ever even been written down. My Dad talked to my Aunt Maralyn and she wrote it down for me -- from memory! I am so excited to have it! 
It was delicious. Not complicated, but I can't believe she did it by hand! I spent many happy hours watching her make it as a kid... punching and pounding the dough. The taste is not exact, but the essence is there. My most successful bread ever, too. And that just makes me happy. Everyone loved it! I wished I was close enough to go take my Dad a hot loaf. I think he would have appreciated it tonight! 
Benson at lunch:
He's hilarious, and he knows it. His new thing is to try to smoosh his leftovers through the tiny holes in his sippy cup when he's done eating. Never a dull moment!
Love these sillies!
Benson was stealing KJ's blanket during family scripture tonight and would put it to his mouth and squeal and laugh hysterically. It was so stinking cute, and noisy(!), that it was a little hard to hear Ammon's plan to save the Anti-Nephi-Lehis from the invading Lamanites. We'll just have to come back tomorrow to see what happens, I guess! These crazy kids are pretty awesome. 

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