Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Orchestra Concert

Today was a big step up from yesterday. Still feeling yucky, but willing and able to survive! Hurray. 
It is that day we have all waited anxiously for -- the end of the year orchestra concert! This year has honestly flown by so fast I can't believe it. One of the fastest school years of all time for me. Now how to fill up a summer with older children that need entertaining... hmm.... Back to the concert. Handsome guy, right here. 
KJ had the honor of performing a duet and did an awesome job. I was so, so, so proud of him. He was so poised out there!
He loves music so, so much. He has a real talent, there is no doubting that. But even better, he has the work ethic and the passion to back it up. And that's what I find really exciting. I hope he chases this dream and works his guts out, too. 
He looked so happy out there playing. And was high on life when it was over! We had Chinese food for dinner, because it was a night worth celebrating. How I love this amazing boy! 

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