Friday, May 27, 2016

Picture Stories

Tonight YaYa was cuddling Brother in her blankie. He loved it, and loves her, so much! We are all incredibly lucky to have Olivia. She is Mini Mother in our house and is incredibly loving and kind. My right-hand woman. She is such an example to me! 
She always says she wants to have 12 kids and I hope that works out for her, because she'll be amazing. I also think she'll become a multi-thousandaire off babysitting in her teen years. She is a born nurturer. It is a gift! 
Katelyn LOVES to text with Grandma A. Grandma always makes Katee Jill feel so, so good about herself, so her new thing is to have me take a super cute picture so we can send it to Grandma (along with lots of Emojis). Grandma is an excellent sport about her complimenting duties. Here are two recent pictures sent her way:
The posing -- she's a natural! She is really a beauty, inside and outside. One of my favorite things is how dark Kates eyes look. If you are any distance from her, they look very dark and you assume they're a dark brown/black. But they are actually a deep blue. I've never seen another pair like them. 
Yesterday Daddy had to pull out his clippers for his mani/pedi duties. He is the official nail man at our house and always has been (I accidentally cut KJ's tiny finger as a baby and I permanently bowed out after that). He helped Benson, Kate and even Liv a little. I love how Benny just sits there all chill. He knows the score! 
And I just had to include this tower, because it's the cutest thing in the world. 
The End. 

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