Saturday, June 11, 2016

Last Day Of School

School's out for the summer! Wild bells ring out! 
Olivia's artwork made the yearbook cover! Hers is the upper right corner pic. Both the girls got wonderful grades and comments! KJ's were not so memorable, but we're hoping to get the hang of things again next year. We are proud of them all. 
Suffering through a picture for Mom. 
School got out early and we were so excited! I myself was feeling quite high on life. 
Olivia and Benson checkin' out the yearbook. 
We had the most fun evah on the last day of school. Lunch at Wendy's, swimming (wherein a very sweet conversation with Katelyn happened "Mom, what does being a positive person mean?" After I explained it she said "I think you are a positive person, Mom. And I'm going to become a positive person, too!" I told her thank you so much and that was a beautiful goal. After we all got showered and changed from swimming she said to Benson "wow, Benson, you look hot! You're imaginary girlfriend would say you're hot!" Cracked us up.), and then got to stay up late for Sonics half price summer of shakes. That's when the best thing ever happened -- a dumpster fire! 
Here's how we became thrilled witnesses:
Benson the Diabolical likes to take his lid of drinks, which obviously is a bad idea in the hands of a one-year-old. We were driving in a neighborhood we'd never been through before across from a park, and I pulled over so the Double B could get out and fix the lid situation (I was piloting the spacecraft). I happened to look over at the park and it looked like there were sparks coming out of the dumpster. While we all looked on in amazement, these sparks quickly became a solid fire. My heroic husband walked up the street for the address while he called 911 (Woot!) whilst the children and I watched in rapture. It didn't take long to become a huge dumpster extravaganza. 
Olivia was in the very back and quickly scrambled up to the middle, shoving KJ out of the way: "YES! Let's see this!!! I never thought I'd live to see this! Move over, BUB!"
Katelyn watched excitedly from the back while the firemen bravely battled the blaze (hint: stood around while the truck sprayed it out) and said to me "You definitely gotta call your Mom later and talk about this" and "Mom, this is probably the best time of my life!!!"
It was pretty epic. We watched until it all fizzled out and then slowly drove home. 
Pretty much a great way to kick off the summer. 

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