Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Mount Charleston

We went on an adventure up into the mountains surrounding Las Vegas -- to Mount Charleston. It was so fun. And only 80 degrees, when the city was 110! Pretty great. Only took about half an hour to get there and was such an enjoyable drive. We put on One Direction and all sang our hearts out all the way up. 
The visitors center was cool. When we visited the restroom the toilet flushing scared the heck out of poor Benson. I felt bad, but it also made me laugh. Because I'm diabolical. 
The trails we followed were pretty negotiable with a stroller and I was especially proud of Katelyn, who trekked all over and didn't fizzle out until the final climb out. Then I did some old Hurricane High School cheers and she zipped right up and out! I was impressed (and may have a new secret weapon)!
We'd packed a picnic and found a lovely shaded bench with a nice cool breeze so we could eat. We played "Would You Rather." It was hilarious to hear their answers: Olivia would negotiate her way into keeping both options, KJ felt like he was personally betraying one option if he chose the other, and Katelyn's answer to every question was "Both!" Then we played Truth Or Dare, which is so funny with my children. My favorite moment was when Olivia decided to dare herself. "I dare myself to go down to that bridge and dance like wild, right where everyone can see me!" So that's what she did. I was so charmed. 
Benson fell asleep in pure exhaustion on the way home. It sure was fun! 

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