Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Senior Manager

Art work cheering on Daddy.
The Double B got a long-worked-for promotion. In fact, it was the promotion we were going to move to Florida for -- he became a "staff level" manager... here in Las Vegas. It opened up quite suddenly and he GOT it. We are still amazed and so thankful, because we are so used to "no" -- but I think this awesome man is finally starting to meet some green lights in his career. And that just fills my heart, because I love him so.
We don't know, but we think that his warehouse manager kind of went to bat for the Double B when we chose to stay here. Obviously the LORD went to bat for us! I can't believe it. He didn't get a raise, but for the next few years it is much more about the steps then any significant raise, and this was a very important step. He only has two more to get to his goal and we are going to race!
This scripture came into my life over the last couple months and I have leaned heavily on it -- 
trusting that things WOULD work together for good. I have recited it and thought on it and trusted it. I am so thankful for this little and big step in the right direction. 

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Ducksoup said...

That is so awesome! And how great you didn't have to move to Florida for such a big promotion. Congrats Rie and to the double B!