Friday, July 29, 2016

The Race Begins

It's been an adventurous few days. 
They are raising our rent $200 a month (whaaaa??) So we have to find a new place to live. We knew that a week ago but spent that week getting beat around the bush trying to talk them out of it.  No such luck. We have until August 20th. The kids are desperate to stay in the same schools and ward, so we are hoping for a minor miracle (even the school would be great). Doesn't matter as much to the Double B and I on a personal level but it matters so much to them that it becomes personal to us. 
Then yesterday, tragically, ol' Bessie died. Our old, wonderful family vehicle, the Durango, died. Thankfully, she died where the Double B could get into a parking lot and we miraculously made it to a mechanic shop when I went to get him. Blown gasket. Dead. Dead as a door nail. This was an unexected and tragic bummer, as we thought she'd live another year or so and we'd have the opportunity to save and pay cash for a new set of wheels. Not in the cards. Thankfully, we only have two more car payments on the car, so that's a blessing. But we were SO CLOSE to getting out of debt!!! So close. Oh well. We'll just put our shoulder back to the wheel and push along. 
So. We need a new place to live. We need to move into it. And we need a new car. Stat. Ha! 

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Tara said...

Lots of excitement going on around your house these days!! I hope your hunt for a new home goes well. Congrats on the promotion as well.