Monday, October 10, 2016


What I watched instead of the second presidential debate. Infinitely more satisfying! 
Benson said his first prayer tonight. He loves prayer time, and folds his arms and closes his eyes so vigorously at the beginning of every prayer, wanders and has a great time in the middle, then rushes to shout "amen!" before the one saying the prayer as he hears it coming to a close. It's so cute that it distracts us all! So tonight I decided I'd see if he wanted to try repeating after me to say the prayer himself. Once he realized what I was doing he was so very excited. It basically went "HENLY FAFFER! LOVE EEE! FANK OOOO BLESSINGS! (he takes this opportunity to try to steal my phone) JESUS CHRIST! AAAAAAAAMMMMEEEENNN!!!" Followed by hysterical joyful laughing while jumping up and down and clapping. His siblings gave him a rousing applause of prayer encouragement. It was so. Stinking. Cute. 

We made my grandma's sugar cookies tonight with a stinking delicious cream cheese frosting recipe I just found. It was fun and Liv (my sous chef) and I felt very domestic (as long as I ignored the big mess and and the pials of laundry). Marie for the win. 

This afternoon we went on a walk (minus KJ who had an epic bike crash) and Katelyn gathered stones and twigs and leaves as we walked. She happily told us "When I grow up, I'm going to be a nature person and an artist. I just lloooovvvve nature. I will love being a nature person! I'm going to make really good paintings, too." She makes me happy. 

 A few mornings ago she was laying on her bed crying because it was time to get ready for school, and she just did not feel like school that day. When I went to check on her and Livi she was sobbing "You don't understand, Liv! I've been doing this for TWO YEARS already!!!" 
I didn't break the news to her that she still has many years left on her prison sentence. 
We never lack for drama around here. 

I was doing Olivia's hair in front of the bathroom mirror (her hair is getting so long and thick, and it is such a pretty golden brown -- it is beautiful) and got looking at the wrinkles in my forehead. They are getting quite deep and I pointed out to the Double B that they kind of look like the San Andres fault (which I am proud of). He rolled his eyes, but not Olivia. She patted my hand and said "Mom, maybe it's just a little bit of old lady-ness creeping in."
We cracked up. 
I felt deeply comforted by her words

The quotable moments are my favorite part of parenthood. 

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