Friday, December 2, 2016

My Own Personal Teenager

KJ is trying to ruin my life by growing up. 
Here he is, waking up on his birthday as a 13-year-old. Why, KJ? Why???
I am truly baffled that I am old enough to have a teenager. It really does seem like he was just my fuzzy little happy boy, learning to sit up and chewing on his Charlie the Chick book. Heck, it really does seem like I just became a teenager myself! And yet here we are. 
He has brought me so much happiness all of his life. He is truly a joy and such a good boy  (okay, guy. Such a good guy).
He brings his own kind of magic to this world. 
We had such a fun day celebrating as a family and then that weekend he had a birthday party with some friends (I know, I allowed a party! I rock).
So now we have a teenager. He has my heart. Hopeful that we can make it through these years peacefully and we are so excited to see the person he becomes! 

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