Monday, January 30, 2017


On the 27th Katelyn lost a tooth! Right there on the bottom. You can see it through the hole in the top from her missing front tooth. 
We were quite surprised to realize that she had lost her first tooth on this EXACT DAY one year ago! So we are excited to proclaim January 27th as "National Katee Jill Loses A Tooth Day," or NKJLATD for short. 
The tiny card she made for the Tooth Fairy just melted me -- the Tooth Fairy kindly always leaves any notes for us to enjoy, too. Chocolate smeared and everything. On the front cover Kate had made a drawing of herself and the Tooth Fairy.
Inside it says "Dear Tooth Fairy, Today was awesome because literally I lost my tooth! Love, Katelyn."
Come on, now. What an angel girl.  

I am also proclaiming the last week of January "Annual Everyone Get Super Sick All At Once Week." My poor three youngest are all sick with a bad bug going around. Fevers, cough, upset tummy, runny/stuffy nose. Today was a Mom doozy! But it's supposed to last three days and this is day 2/3, so I'm hopeful we'll all survive. Benson fusses and falls asleep, Katelyn cries and thrashes because she can't breath out of her nose, Liv is stoic and sleepy. And nobody wants to eat. Poor little birds. Poor Momma and Daddy. Poor KJ who hates to be left out in the cold of good health. Benny even threw up on his beloved blankie this morning, and if you don't think that was insult to injury! 
Something tells me we'll make it through, though. Health and clear breathing noises to you all! 

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