Monday, March 27, 2017

Missionary Letter 3

Dear Elder B-ettey McFreddy Face,

Greetings from every single B you know in Las Vegas.

Uncle BB-Poo and I read your letter today and it sounds like you are doing great. We love to hear that! It got Uncle B waxing philosophical about his own ancient history in the mission field. Just think, in 16 years you could be telling your wife all about your adventures in Brazil. Great plan. But for now, be a missionary. Better plan.

Uncle B updates: He's been moved to a new department at work -- he's now the merchandising manager and goes in every morning at two.  Not sure that I could do it, but he's totally a champion about it. He's a champion about a lot of things. He made an angel food cake for us to eat RIGHT AFTER we write this letter. It's going to be good, and we would share, except you are on a different continent. Here's something weird about Uncle B -- he makes his angel food cakes with frosting. Everyone knows they are meant to be eaten with strawberries and whipped cream, but I look past this little short-coming of his and eat the darn cake anyway. 
(He says maybe your family eats them the same way. I can't see that happening.)
He has a couple of co-workers that are interested in the church and he talks with them about it when he can. I went with the sisters to visit one of his lovely work friends and it was great. He's a tiny 6 foot missionary himself. 

KJ has a concert next week (seriously, EVERY LETTER HE HAS A CONCERT).  He is doing a duet with his friend Chloe of an original composition. Uncle Ben scared the poop right out of KJ tonight because he's a meanie. It's concerning how much the urge to terrify others runs in this family. KJ is trying to write a book right now. This will be great, he can become a millionaire and support his aging parents.

Olivia: "Me and my friend Hadley won a contest at my school where you had to tell a myth, legend or fairytale and twist it up to your own imagination. We did pretty great. I finally finished my big project. I got to dissect a squid because my project was on squid ink! The beak and the spine proudly sit in a bag stapled to the wall where it says 'Genius Projects.' Our school is getting ready for final exams in April. I don't want to but I have to. That's it."
Not much more that I need to add to that.

Katelyn is enjoying first grade, but she can't wait for summer. She just went on a field trip to an aquarium and saw a hammer head shark! Among other things. She liked the jelly fish the best. Her front tooth is finally growing in. I'm going to miss that gap smile. It was cute. Thankfully, she is STILL cute.

Benson is becoming a little less evil every day. Sure, he still draws all over everything and enjoys a good temper tantrum, and likes playing with his food (Katelyn would like to add that today he put his hand in punch. So now his hand is kind of pink. That is not the first time this has happened).  But he's the cutest little Tasmanian devil that ever was. He is really starting to talk in sentences and it is both adorable and helpful. He likes to pack his pockets full of random objects. Today it was batteries. About twenty batteries in one tiny pocket. And his little hand, trying to cover that pocket so that Mom and Dad would NEVER NOTICE. It almost worked.

I'm good. I love Relief Society and I got a lemon tree for my birthday. A real life lemon tree. This is a magical dream come true.

We love you and pray for you every day. We will eat our angel food cake in your honor.

Onward and upward, Elder. Keep going on in so great a cause.

Lots of love,

Your relatives.

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