Sunday, June 25, 2017

Sneaky Birthday Project

I got the idea quite a while ago of what I wanted to give my Dad for his birthday but I knew it would take some maneuvering.
I wanted to gather messages of love and memories for him from his friends and family.
So a couple of months before the big day, I started gathering cards and stamps and addresses. I wrote a letter explaining my plan and then I sent out 60 of those letters along with a blank card and a self-addressed, stamped envelope -- with my Dad's name on top, c/o Marie.
And then I waited.
I told myself that I would be happy if I got 20 back. Every day I anxiously checked the mail, so excited if there was a card in there, disappointed if there wasn't. And I got 41 back!!! HURRAY! I also gave a blank card to my mom and to all the kids and grandkids -- even the tiny ones. So on his birthday, I had a pretty big stack of love notes to hand him! 62 cards, all for my Dad.
I wish I could freeze that moment and go back and visit it on rainy days. He would open them and see who they were from and then Jon and I read them out loud for everyone to hear. We laughed and teared up and thoroughly enjoyed hearing the love and admiration that so many people have for this good, good man. It was a magical evening and one I will always remember. There was a whole lot of love in that room!
I think my Dad felt truly, truly loved. Mission accomplished!

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