Friday, July 7, 2017

Booze Cruise

We went on a cruise to Mexico.
Here is what I wish I could write:
Oh my, we had the most magnificent experience sailing the open sea! We were made for it! We fell even more in love and stared deeply into each others souls (between stimulating conversation and riotous laughter). Cruising is the best thing we've ever done! We felt marvelous and were thrilled with every second!

That's an alternate history that sounds pretty good. If I get amnesia at some point in my life, everybody just tell me about what an amazing time we had on our cruise.
In this particular dimension, though, I was very, very sick the whole time, and the Double B was about half the time. Sea sick, despite being full of anti nausea stuff. I have a testimony that sea sickness gets old reeeeeal fast.

Here we are watching as the ship departed. Young, innocent us!
 Honestly, we were sick and very, very bored. Nothing appealed to our personalities and it was pretty much a total bust. We spent all our time sleeping to try to avoid feeling rotten, watching re-runs on the tv trying to avoid feeling rotten, eating to try to avoid feeling rotten, and sitting on the deck watching the waves in silence trying to avoid feeling rotten. Total. Bust.
But here's a picture of the Double B in Mexico.
First time in Mexico for both of us, so that was good! We took a bus tour of the city and walked the main shopping street of Ensenada, just to add to the whole experience. But at least we weren't on a rocking boat!
Highlights: 1) Going super fast on top of that bus. The wind took my breathe away and I enjoyed that moment! 2) The drunk people outside our door at about four in the morning screaming with all their hearts "WE'RE NUMBER ONE!!! WE'RE NUMBER ONE!!!" I think they might have actually won the super bowl or something. I'm so glad I was on a ship with people who were number one, though. 3) There were a couple re-runs of 'Friends' that were fairly humorous. So that's good.

I missed my kids horribly and decided we need to have five or six more children because we won't survive if it's just us. I told the Double B that and he said "And then I splashed cold water on your face and gave you a couple good slaps until you came to." Ha ha.
We both put on a brave face for each other the whole time but disembarked the INSTANT we could. We got in the car and I said "Well, that wasn't my favorite thing we've done" and my sweetie then word-vomited his dislike for the whole thing and then said the saddest and truest of all words: "We could have gone to Disneyland." 



We raced back to our kids and that was that (thanks so much again for watching them, Mom and Dad). At least we were together if we were going to pay a lot of money to be sick and bored! Love my honey, thankful for him, glad we tried it, already think it's pretty funny, and now know how we feel about cruising... it's not for us.
In conclusion: next time, just go to Disneyland!

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