Friday, February 6, 2009


Today is my Grandma's 84th birthday. And though she didn't quite make it to this great milestone, I can still say with all my heart, what an accomplishment! Happy Birthday, Grandma!!! Here is to a long and happy life, well lived. Thank you for giving me a heart absolutely brimming with happy memories. I love you. Side by side! I'm counting on that. Thank you for being born!!!


Ducksoup said...

hi reese--i just read your comment on my blog and i have to say yesterday was one of my worst granny missin' days ever! and for me as well, today was much better. it was sad in a way but happy in a way too because it was granny's b-day. so thank you for your lovely post and SONG. and thank you especially for your strength. i have got to get tough like you!

RoseAnna said...

Again I'm sorry about your grandmother. How are the teeth?