Friday, October 16, 2009

Black Friday

This is Trina.

She's my sister, pretty much. She is also the cutest person in the world. Go ahead, you can admit it... it will make you feel happy to be honest with yourself.
This morning this delightful petite person decided that it would be an awesome idea if the two of us woke up before the b-u-t-t crack of dawn so that we could get to Robert's Crafts in order to get a free $25 gift card. The ad said all we had to do was be one of the first fifty people before eight a.m.! $25 to spend as we wanted?!? Sold. We would be there.
We plotted what time we would need to arrive to insure our victory.
And decided that if we left our houses by seven (that's morning, folks) we should make it in time. Imagine our delight when we pulled into an empty parking lot! We thought it mysterious, but no... the dark building and lack of cars didn't deter us. Neither did the slowly arriving workers staring at us suspiciously as they walked into the building. (We don't look like bombers, but then, not all bombers look like bombers.) Neither did the manager who smilingly walked up to our car to ask us if we were just early birds and waiting to get shopping. Nope! Not deterred. We wanted our $25 gift card, man.
We watched the sun rise. It was bright! Did that mean it was just getting dark in China, or... what did that mean? (Hey, we're from Nephi, okay? And we're proud of that.) Hysterical laughter. Hysterical. I don't know if you've seen Trina laugh hysterically, but it is really funny. Way funnier then the joke, 'cause she just has a very contagious laugh. I hope you get that experience one day.
One hour and thirty glorious minutes later, we walked up to the door with the only other lady waiting in the parking lot! We were excited! But we were a little miffed -- they said they would be open an hour ago! The other lady looked mad. Downright mad. And I kinda think she was going to open her can of woop-bum on the unsuspecting employees. And Trina and I were going to let her. We really were.
And then she pulled the ad out of her wallet. It was for October 9-10.
Wait a minute. Wasn't that... last week?

(insert awkward pause of realization here)

So we were a little late, okay?
It's all about the effort in these things.

After breakfast, we drank three little coffee creamers each. Because they are yummy. And we don't drink coffee. So we drank the creamers. Cheers.
In all honesty, the whole experience was hilarious. Hilarious. My brother Jon had my kids. So I don't know if he thought it was hilarious. But it was.
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Tara said...

hahahaha. That is hilarious. Did you just walk away without buying anything? I'm glad you could just laugh about it.

Wendy Bro. said...

I love to read your blog. You are still the funniest person I know.
I actually can picture me doing the same thing, scarey isn't it?

Ducksoup said...

made me laugh. love it. hilarious. so funny. what a great story. if i'd a known i would have drove down and gone with yah. and trina does have a contagious laugh. you are my favorite ree!

Kamille said...

I don't know why it is that God gives some people (you) the hilarious genes and others of us (me) the gene of being able to have babies in one push. Now that I'm done having babies, I'd like to trade in my gene of being able to have a baby in one push and upgrade to being hilarious, please.