Monday, February 1, 2010

Sweeping Theme Music

Does anyone else out there love John Denver as much as I do?
I mean, I know the Pioneer Woman does, but does anyone else?
I have loved him... maybe always.
When I was a kid, it was all about 'Sunshine On My Shoulders.'
I still love that song, and it is to this day the only song I can sort of play on the piano.
But now, it's 'Annie's Song.'
I am listening to 'Annie's Song' right now, as a matter of fact, as I just finished cleaning the house to 'Rocky Mountain High,' etc. But now it's 'Annie's Song.' Sort of like a reward, really.

I know why I love this song so much.
It's because I love my husband.
Loving him has changed me, way down deep.
Sometimes I forget, but then I'll hear some song, and I feel that terrible and wonderful tug deep in my chest that reminds me I'm not really my own anymore; nor do I want to be.
"Come let me love you -- let me give my life to you."

Cheesy? Yes. So totally. Who cares! I feel that way.

This brings me to the fact that sometimes we have theme music at our house.
This morning the alarm woke me up to 'Little Willow,' by Sir Paul McCartney.
It was the song I listened to over and over and over again as I was getting ready to deliver K.J. It just soothed me. K.J. was laying next to me on the bed this morning when it started to play holding my hand and said "Hey, I know this song!" Of course, we all know and love Sir Paul in this house, but I wondered if a little of that could be from the womb. Who knows? Of course in the song the phrase "little willow" is used several times, like "Bend, little willow, peace gonna follow." K.J. sang along like this "Bend, just a little -- peace, just a little." It was pretty cute.

When I was pregnant with Livi the theme song was 'Better Together' by Jack Johnson. Have you heard that song? The chorus just repeats "It's always better when we're together." But the versus and the tune are so beautiful it almost makes you cry. Also soothes me. If Liv ever hears it she runs right up to me to be picked up so we can dance.

Interesting, don't you think? I think so. Any theme music at your house?


Jen said...

Sometimes our theme song is witchy woman. But I do love John Denver very much.

Elise H. said...

This is embarrassing. My girls and I just had a Dance-a-thon the other night and their favorite was Gloria by Laura Branigan. I know, I know...

We're also huge Jack Johnson fans over here. Better Together and Banana Pancakes are my favorites. I like songs about food.

Tara said...

Tim played his guitar and sang Annies song at our luncheon. He still sings it from time to time and Kaylise will sometimes start singing it to me and then stop and ask "why does Daddy always sing that song to you?"

Tamari said...

Music is a big part of our household. I sing practically everyday and the kids learn the songs that I am working on. Right now it is Patsy Cline and Miss Saigon. They like Patsy better and I don't blame them, she is a home town gal who sings music you can kick up your heels to.

60's and 70's rock is very crucial to my children's upbringing. I am with you on the John Denver stuff and The Beatles, but to add to that we love Queen, Led Zepplin, Aerosmith etc. I keep some songs on the back burner for when they are older (content not suitable for children) but that music resonates with me I love The Band, Joni Mitchell, The Beach Boys, get the picture. Whenever a Beatles song comes on the radio my kids scream, The Beatles!!! I just smile and think, "I am doing my job well".