Monday, May 17, 2010

Short, Sweet, And To The Point

K.J.-ism from this morning: "Mom, that honking horn is ruining my beauty sleep!"

K.J.-ism from yesterday: "That girls swim suit looks like a bra! Only it's not a bra. I guess... I guess it's a bra-suit."

So adorable he's almost edible.


Tink said...

LOL That is so adorable! :-)

Simmons Family said...

hahaha, he is too funny..... bra-suit!

Ducksoup said...

so stinkin' funny. what a cute boy. and i love your thought that he is so adorable he is almost edible. reminds me of granny always saying, "i could just eat you right up" while talking to a baby. anyway, love it!

Nielsen Family said...

MaryDawn was right...your blog is HILARIOUS! Love it, I will have to check in whenever I need a hearty laugh!