Thursday, March 3, 2011

Decide For Me, 'Cause I Can't

T-Bomb took our family pictures about three weeks ago.
It was incredibly noble of her, because I have married a man who would rather float in a swimming pool of poo then get his picture taken, much less a family picture where you're supposed to be posed and look happy and all that stuff.
He gave us one hour.
And that was with the promise that he didn't have to smile, be posed, or do anything he thought was dumb.

Do you see what a champion that sister-in-law of mine is?

I think she did totally awesome.
I now present to you the finalists.
I am letting you decide.
Well, I'm letting you put forth your opinion, and then I will decide for myself.
But still, a little input might be helpful.

Picture One . . . what's with the arm, Dearest?:
Picture Two . . . look at Olivia and K.J.'s faces in this one:
Picture Three . . . what is with my arm? And Liv has a hangnail:
Picture Four . . . little sister revenge:
Picture Five . . . the classic road pic. We have a walking family photo from every phase of our family, so I will certainly print this one out. But is the big family room one?
I think we can all agree that given her subjects, T-Bomb is a miracle worker.
Thank you for your time.
Now decide.
And get back to me.


Tamari said...

TOUGH! They are all so fun and have their own unique spin. But for the traditional family room one, I would choose number 1. :)

Dan,Lisa,Zeak,Jake,Kaci said...

I choose 1 as well unless I can later get picture 3 to magically appear. Olivia's picture in the next photo is missing to:( I will check again. You have an adorable family so you could choose any photo and win!

Elise said...

I like picture #1, too. And I really wanted to have an original opinion, so that tells you how serious I am about picture #1.

They're all really cute, though. I love your long, flowing, luxurious blonde hair.

P.S. I am going to write a novel and base the main character on you. Just FYI. If there's something about yourself that you do not want to see published and turned into a multi-film deal and McDonald's Happy Meal toys, you better speak now.

Tara said...

That's a pretty tough decision they are all so cute. Maybe you could do a collage type print and use a few of them instead of just one?? What size are you printing? Do you care if it is portrait or landscape?

Jen said...

I vote 1 and/or 2. Love the kids faces in the second one.

Simmons Family said...

They are all so cute!! What a good looking family! I love the last one though!