Monday, June 6, 2011

I Spy

Livi and I have been playing "I Spy" this morning. It is basically her favorite game. Except, I am fairly convinced that she just picks a color -- "I spy something that is pink" and is as excited as I am to find something that is pink. Whatever I guess she's like "YEP! Good job!"
Either that, or I am the world's greatest player of "I Spy." Which, honestly, could totally be possible. I am just ... that... good.
There is also the possibility that she just doesn't understand the rules, since the last thing she said was "I Spy something that brushes your teeth" as we were driving in the car. "A toothbrush?"
"YEP! Good job! Now, I Spy something that you put on your toothbrush ... (pause) ... say 'toothpaste,' Mom!"

K.J. started summer school today. He is taking an art and music class and P.E. He actually just couldn't be more thrilled, but since he cried his eyes out the last day of school because he "already missed his friends so much," I am not really surprised.
I didn't walk him in. You should know that. I saw many parents walking their children in. But I didn't.
I just thought you should know.

Yesterday I woke up on the wrong side of the bed. In fact, I don't remember when I woke up so far off the ledge as yesterday. And, of course, the Double B had meetings to attend, so he left as I was hissing "Please don't touch me anymore! If I get touched one more time by you people when I am trying to sleep, so help me!" I am pretty sure he said a prayer as he walked out the door that his children would be be alive when he returned. And darnit, they were. I totally pulled myself together after a few minutes, and everyone was even ready and happy when he came home to load us all in the car. But I admit, I struggled all day to have a good attitude and be receptive to the Spirit. Not sure how much I succeeded, but I honestly did try.
For some reason, I have never totally gotten over the hope for sleep, which is so adorable and innocent of me. I'm kinda cute that way. And after several, several nights of wretchedly interrupted sleep by my older children, not to mention my baby, I was an emotional, psychotic, possibly hormonal wreck of a human being. So last night when I said my prayers, I asked for a little help. Something along the lines of "If everyone could just sleep in their own beds and I could have one night of solid sleep, I would be very grateful." And guess what. I got that sleep. So, Thank You. Amen.
And all is right with the world today.

On Saturday my adorable sister, Sil, had her baby shower up in the lovely central Utah town wherein I was raised (though Reed's was closed. So no, I did not get my fried mushrooms, chicken crunch salad, and bubble gum ice cream. But thank you for asking). We had a great time, and she looked lovely and is very loved. It was so fun to see cousins and Aunts and my Granny's friends. They are some awesome old gals. I love them.
I have very funny cousins.
I don't get to see them enough, so it was so lovely to sit on the couch, eat food, and shoot the breeze with them (and possibly admire some very fit Brazilians, but I don't want to say for sure).
We drove up that morning and home that night, so six hours in a car is always invigorating. But it was good, because I got to ride up with T-Bomb, and home with her and Nick and Sil (and of course, Kate the Great). There is always entertaining conversation to be had with those people.

Girls camp is only a week and a half away. Plans are in full force. I am mighty excited about it, too.

And that is all for today. Signing off.


katie said...

My kids love to play I spy! It will keep them entertained for hours!

Jen said...

I feel the same way about sleep. It just never loses its allure for me.

Ducksoup said...

i started reading your post yesterday and for some reason didn't get to finish it. i read about playing i spy though, so while driving 20 minutes to braden's cousins b-day party we played i spy. it was awesome. we were trying to keep braden awake and he loved it. so thank you for an awesome idea. it was more on his level than the alphabet game.

and i am so glad you got a good nights sleep. it's amazing what that can do.

and i loved, loved, loved, loved, loved seeing you on saturday. it's just so refreshing for me. please come visit sometime, some year. okay. love yah tons!