Friday, August 3, 2012


I have come to the point where either I must stop reading the "news" or I must find some source to actually give me news with no private agenda. There are events going on I would be very interested in reading about. If I was actually reading about the actual news with no personal commentary, but that just doesn't happen anymore. Left or right, someone is twisting what is really happening. I just want a clear picture. What is actually happening in our government? Just the facts, don't try to taint it with your personal views. I won't subscribe to either party, I promise. I just want to know what is actually happening. What about the parts of the world suffering from natural disaster or war? I really care about my spiritual brothers and sisters, I want to hear what is happening. Just straight news, please. Please do not pass blame, do not opinionate, do not sway. Just report. Then maybe somehow I can find a way to contribute meaningfully.

It is discouraging that in the most freedom-loving nation on earth, we get after each other like this. Why don't we stay united, realize and embrace that we have differences, and be willing to stand for kindness and brotherhood and freedom -- together.

You don't have to stand for what I stand for. I will absolutely defend your right to your own belief system and your right to live the way you feel best, provided it doesn't injure another person. I would ask the same courtesy of you -- let me have my own belief system and live the way I feel best, provided it doesn't injure another person.

I recognize there are very divisive issues being discussed right now. I think that's okay. I think it's okay we don't agree. I think it's okay if we feel very passionately about our side of things. I won't back down from what I believe in my soul is right. I wouldn't expect you to. I would hope I wouldn't squash your right to speak and be heard. I would hope you wouldn't squash mine.

I would ask for a little bit of KINDNESS.
In fact, I think it's okay to demand kindness. I think it's acceptable to expect us "grown-ups" to treat each other with respect and speak civilly and behave civilly.

Maybe then we could see clearly what the issues are, and where there are actually rights needing defending or whether it's simply a cultural clash. It makes for a lot of voices. And we all have the right to have our OWN voice, and the right for the stillness to find our own voice.

 You don't have to believe the same thing as I do, you don't have to live the same lifestyle I do, you don't have to be anything like me, and you could still be my friend. I hope I could still be your friend.
If we would all live up to our personal beliefs, we would be just fine. I love being a world religions student, I feel confident saying almost every faith out there teaches love and kindness and peace. So stop saying that's what you believe and live your belief. If you have no religious convictions, I think you could still agree we all have to live here and we might as well do it peacefully.

I am tired of this, frankly. I think I might just not check the news for awhile. I'll make sure I am contributing to the goodness in my own little corner of space and make sure I'm creating a home that is a safe haven for my family. And the rest of you can just duke it out.

Unless you want to join me.


Elise said...

I'm with you.

Will there be waffles where you are?

But seriously, amen sister. You took the words out of my mouth. I can't handle the news. And the news commentary. I always tell my husband, "You're not watching the news, you're watching people argue about the news."

The trouble with reporting news is that it's incredibly difficult (I'd say almost impossible) to present it without bias. Some of the bias is so ridiculously obvious, it just makes me want to move to Marie's corner of space and eat waffles for the rest of my life.

I will bring the aerosol whipped cream.

("...we all have to live here and we might as well do it peacefully." Pure genius. That attitude will prevail in heaven.)

Emily said...

And to you, I say, AMEN SISTA!!! ;) VERY well put! Jesus Said, "Love EVERYONE, Treat them kindly, too!"

RIGHT? ...........

Ducksoup said...

feeling a little guilty cause yesterday ryan got pulled over and got a ticket. i laid into the cop. i should be nicer. i should be more like you - - i'll work on that.

love yah!