Monday, November 12, 2012

Won't You Be My Neighbor?

Guess what.
We found our house! We put an offer on our house. They accepted our offer on our house. It has been processing for about a week and should be closed by December 4th. (!!!) What does this show to us, boys and girls?
That miracles do happen.
I would like you to meet our house:
The Double B went to visit our house again the other night so it wouldn't feel lonely. He took these pictures at dusk, and I just think they are charming. Of course, once we're all moved in, I'll put some more up, but I just wanted you to see our new little nest.
To make all the Double B's dreams come true, this is the back yard:
And it's next to an open, grassed lot, so the kids can run and run and run to their hearts content. We have dreamed of having an actual space for our kids to play for roughly one million years. Plus, the Double B loves yard work. Which works out good, because he's going to have a lot of it. I can't tell you how many times he has told me that when the Lord told us to multiply and replenish the earth, he wasn't just talking about having children. Go to it, Double B! Have fun. I like the trees. Aren't they cool? When we first saw it, they were covered in yellow autumn leaves, but now they are getting ready for winter (in which I will freeze, but then come out the other side stronger).
We are so excited about this. We have looked and searched and put in offer after offer on homes, all to no avail. This time, we put in our offer at about five at night and heard by noon the next day. Miraculous. We feel like the Lord is blessing us and also giving us the little pat on the head we need to tell us we are in the right place. As I get a little more experience and hopefully a little wiser, I (and we as a couple) are getting better and better on recognizing when we get a feeling we understand as the Holy Ghost, trusting that feeling, and acting on it. Hence, the gigantic city in the middle of the United States we will now call home. It feels good to buy a home and make the commitment to put down roots there.
We've gotten lots of amazed faces that I would trust the Double B to pick out our family home. It's funny, but it has never given me one moment of anxiety. I trust him. We have looked at a million homes together. There are lots of pictures for me to look at here. But mostly, I do not doubt his ability to feel the promptings of the Holy Ghost.
He found two beautiful options that he loved and KNEW I would love, but in the end, when he drove down the little cul-de-sac our new house is in (HURRAY! I LOVE CUL-DE-SACS!), he said it felt just like home. There were kids playing all over and the feeling was so strong. When he went out to other night to say "hi" to our house, I asked him again if it felt like home. And the answer was yes. Completely. So hurrah. Hurrah for Israel.
Lots to look forward to.
In conclusion, last night I read the single funniest thing I have read in five hundred days (give or take). I thought about taking myself to the hospital my guts hurt so hard after such a delightful shaking. Please enjoy yourself.


Jen said...

In response to the title of this post, yes, I would love to be your neighbor. The house looks lovely. Congratulations. :)

Tara said...

I'm jealous. It looks beautiful and the landscaping and size of the house and yard are amazing. I would love to be your neighbor. Congrats.

Ducksoup said...

yeah rie. what a beautiful home. i just love the look of it - - looks so inviting. and a cul-de-sac is the best thing ever. so congrats on finding the house. i do need to hear more though. can you please text me your cell number. and your yard is ginormous. holy cow! so fun. i am with the double b... i love playing in the dirt. if housework were only half as fun i would be set. i don't even know why they call it yardwork. i think it should be more like yard play. but i am glad to have time on my hands again - - since yard play does take a lot of time.

i loved your post but suddenly you moving across the country became so real to me. yikes i will miss you but i am so happy for you too. so when are you heading to the midwest? i was so happy for two posts today. i do check your blog like everyday for an update.

love yah rie. happy packing! and give your mom a hug from me. i bet she is so sad to see you go :).

Elise said...

I think I love your new house.

And your yard.

And your trees.

But not that you are moving.

That is all. :)