Thursday, February 7, 2013

For You, F.C.

My cousin Mary Dawn said that her very SANITY depends on me blogging. Mary Dawn knows how much I like to be petted. That an encouraging word will get her far with me. So... for the sake of my F.C. -- I blog. Briefly. Because it is past bedtime, but I will feel guilty if I let Mary Dawn's sanity hang critically in the balance for even one more day.

I have lots of funny events to record. For instance, this week Olivia was checking my heart beat with her play stethoscope. It makes silly noises, like a ticking clock, etc. Every time it would make a noise I would pull back and gasp in "concern." Olivia would laugh hysterically every time and then exclaimed "Don't worry, Mom! It's just Sound Effect-itis!!!"

A new -- albeit brilliant -- disease.

Around that same time we got talking about kindness. Olivia was telling me about being nice in her classroom, and then burst out with "Mom, K.J. said there were white people who wanted to help everybody be fair, too! You know... with Little Luther King, Jr.?"
I don't think that Martin Luther King will mind being Little Luther King to Olivia. It was so darn cute. I agreed with her and we talked a little more about the Civil Rights Movement. I'm glad it has made an impact on her. Little Luther King... that has brought me more then one giggle.

Katelyn has been testing out her hitting abilities -- to see how much she can get away with (as is her life course so far). It's almost always completely unprovoked, of course. When she is struggling with throwing a fit or testing her limits too far, I usually warn her with "Do you want to take a nap?" Letting her know she's about to go to time out in the old cribby-crib. Well, the other day she walked up and took a whack at Olivia as Liv and I were sitting on the couch. Of course, Kate is growing and Liv is not growing right now, so there's not a huge size discrepancy between them, so it hurt Olivia. I got ready to scold Kate when her eyes got wide and she started to hug Olivia with a conciliatory "I sorry, Livia! I take a nap!"
I think it was her way of letting me know she knew she'd done wrong and did not want to go to the dog house. She is lucky her sister has such a forgiving nature.
Sometimes not laughing can be a real trick.

K.J. is doing good. He is finally really catching on at school and I think it's not such a struggle to find his place anymore. He had a bad nightmare and ended up sleeping next to me last night. It wasn't too comfortable, of course -- he's getting to be such a BIG boy -- but it was sweet how happy he was to be snuggled close. I woke up this morning to a very tender "I love you so much, Mommy." So that was a pretty groovy way to greet the day! I cherish this time with him, as I know that before I agree to it, he will move on to the next phase of our lives.

Tonight I had the opportunity to attend the temple with my Relief Society sisters. It was such a peaceful night -- I particularly love this temple, it is so beautiful and still -- you can feel the great love and appreciation the Saints here have for it. Sitting in a beautiful room, enjoying the wonderful feeling of love and comfort, I watched a grieving couple, a group of friends giggling quietly, and a young son getting ready to go on a mission come out and greet his parents -- and their big happy group hug. I thought about K.J., of course, and how it won't be too long at all until he is preparing for his mission, and that will be us greeting our son as he receives the blessings of the temple for himself. One beautiful room in particular reminds me of how I imagine heaven -- and I couldn't help but think of the beautiful structure of a family -- that they greet him now and they will greet him again one day in the same happy hug as he passes through the veil. It is a great comfort to me to know that one day I'll get to be greeted and wrapped in the loving arms of my Granny-friend again. I hope she's one of the first people I see! I know she will be. And that is a cheerful thought.
I love families. I know they come in all shapes and sizes and varieties, but grandparents, parents, children -- that is something worth protecting.

Tomorrow is the day of the big Valentine's class parties! And we still have card writing to do before school! This will have to do.

Mary Dawn, this is for your sanity. May it stay intact.
Love you guys.

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