Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Foggy, Rainy Morning

Katelyn loves to play with my phone. She is especially stealthy when she wants a few minutes to relax on the potty! I found this picture yesterday and CRACKED UP:
Yes, those deliciously squishy toes belong to my little girl. This is her view when relaxing in Mommy's bathroom, apparently. I just lost it when I figured out what it was. Absolutely tickled my funny bone. I'm so happy she took this picture! Now for the rest of her life this moment in time is frozen. So glad!
We are watching a little boy four mornings a week. Honestly, it just sort of plopped into my lap. My good friend Rachael used to watch him but couldn't anymore, the family needed help, and it all just kind of fell into my corner of the universe. I was pretty nervous, but so far it's been perfect. He's a sweet, sweet little guy just Katelyn's age, and she loves having a little friend (was desperate for one, really)! So it's working out. It's so interesting, but the older I get, the more I sincerely, completely, ardently just LIKE kids. Love them, in fact! Funny.
Part of "the more the merrier" feeling is probably just a result of the fact that I get nervous as Katelyn gets older and closer to school. I was honestly thinking I wouldn't even put her in pre-school next year I have such a dread of it, but that wouldn't be fair to her. She would love it now, I just said "Heck, no!" It's weird to see her growing up. Not sure what the Lord has in mind for our family. We would love to have more, but so far, no dice. And since I have three beautiful children, I don't really feel like I have too much room to complain. Maybe time to adjust to it, but no room for moaning and groaning long term, not really. So if Katelyn really is my baby, that means this phase of my life -- the young children at home phase -- is almost over. (Hear that panting sound? That's me, hyperventilating)! It really is funny. I never thought I'd do this when I was younger -- be a stay-at-home Mom and LOVE being a stay-at-home Mom. But I do love it. And if Katelyn really is our caboose, I will be sad when she heads off to the land of ABC's. The Double B and Bev are already in full on coaching mode. Double B says "You can finish your degree! Maybe you could substitute teach sometime, if you wanted. You could come visit me at work more!" Bev is a little excited, since her 3 are all in school. "We can go to the temple! We can go grocery shopping! We could do all sorts of things!" Bev is in England this week, by the way. How dare she! She was so happy to get to go home for a minute, I am so glad she's there. The kids are glad, too, since we get the girls after school. They love that.
This is Marie projecting, by the way. Marie having no IDEA what she is talking about, but just making sure all the bases are emotionally covered in case this is the way things are. The end.
Last night the girls and I sat down after dinner to watch '7 Brides for 7 Brothers.' I was practically raised on this show, and I realized it was far past time to indoctrinate my children. They LOVED it! Olivia could just barely stand her love for it. It was so cute! She was popping out with all sorts of things, too, that were just cracking me up: "Did they marry in June? So she's a bride FOREVER??" That sort of thing. Love that show. Kate liked it, too, but every song would look up at me "They singing again?" That was a little confusing, I think. I felt just like a kid again. It was so fun. We didn't have time to finish before bed, much to our disappointment, but we will finish soon. So awesome. This is as we just started our viewing party:
Honestly. Aren't my girls the cutest? Cuddle bugs. If only my brothers were there, it would have been perfect. I needed Matt to sing along with "Bless Your Beautiful Hide," etc., for the experience to reach it's full potential.
When I was a kid, I had a very colorful sense of fashion (this has tragically morphed into jeans and a character t-shirt. And I'm 30 and don't think I'm going to grow out of it. My poor Mother). Olivia has also displayed a riveting sense of fashion, and quite honestly, if it's not too wild, I usually let her go with it. BECAUSE THAT IS WHAT THE EXPERTS SAY TO DO NOW A-DAYS. And also because I think it's cute. The last few weeks she's come up with a few dilly whoppers that have needed editing, but this morning was particularly notable: 
I had to draw the line.
Darn it.
She was so confused, too. Why on earth did she need to change, she loved every article of clothing she was wearing and they fit together beautifully!!! The two shirts are recent hand-me-downs (the world's greatest invention), and she LOVES them. I think I'm going to have to be sly with that brown one, though... I sense danger if she is left in control of it.
I forgot to report about Liv's parent teacher conference, she is doing GREAT, albeit silently. I guess her teacher has to really work to get her to talk, but she's doing wonderfully. She earned the 'Principal's Award' for her third quarter in a row. Really proud of the super kid she is.
In closing, yesterday was dentist day. KJ and Liv both needed one cavity filled. The dentist said they did great, they didn't even need to be numbed. But poor Livi got sick with the laughing gas and threw up all over everything. Twice. Tragically funny! The poor dental hygienists face. Ha ha. Barf is made for mother's. No outside human should have to deal with that, and it's true. The good news is, she got an extra toy token thanks to her empty stomach. After a bath, she felt recovered enough and they headed off to school. Which is good, because I am afraid of the school secretaries. I don't like to report absences to them... or tardies, for that matter!
Kids. Awesome. 


Matt said...

Bless your Beautiful Hide!

Ducksoup said...

Oh love this. You are beautiful and so are your girls. Love that picture. Coolest mom ever. Thanks for always writing so beautifully. You have an amazing gift. Your posts lift my soul. Why can't we just love closer?

Ducksoup said...

And livis outfit is so funny. Love that you took a pic. Wise mom for putting her foot down. My mom claims I dressed myself in garbs, but sure wish I could see the proof. What a cute girl