Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Thanksgiving Weekend

Well, we survived our "last first" as KJ says -- meaning we have now accomplished every major milestone of the year here on the Great Plains. Thanksgiving was great and we were thankful for our British Tates for joining us to celebrate. Since their children are American, they were excited for a real life Thanksgiving -- or so they said. I was nervous about executing my very own turkey feast, but it turned out great. It tasted just like Thanksgiving, so MISSION ACCOMPLISHED.
Olivia was my big helper, in fact, she pretty much executed the stuffed mushrooms by herself! Washed, de-stemmed, and stuffed them. I was very, very impressed. Of course, she loves to be a helper -- she gets that from her Dad.
The kids were desperate to try out Black Friday. I thought that was interesting, but they just SO BADLY wanted to see what it was like. We made it through two stores and then went home with KJ and Olivia miserable because it was "just too much!," and "just so exhausting!," while Katelyn cried the whole way home because she wasn't done yet and she wanted to go to Wal-Mart! Oh, brother. The girls and I did venture to Wally's World that night, just so they could feel complete. Here they are, feeling glamorous and ready to go in the morning (and yes, apparently a whirlwind hit my house -- I take ownership of it). 
Look, I performed my very first presentable French braid!!! I was so proud I took a picture and yes, I am putting it on the blog. Just in case it never happens again:
Sunday we had game night with some friends and enjoyed the nativity again. KJ was a wiseman and Liv the angel, but Katelyn -- who was such a rocking donkey last year -- abstained from the action. They were cute and had a marvelous time. 
Overall, it was a great Thanksgiving weekend and I really, really did not want it to end. I'm still bummed that regular life has resumed. Disappointing!
Yesterday was my Mom's bday (thanks for being born, Mom!) and also our one year anniversary of arriving in Kansas City! We went to dinner at the family favorite "Pizza Ranch" to celebrate. It was fun and I asked everyone to share what stands out to them as the biggest blessing from the last year. KJ said we are "stronger," Liv said we are "braver," the Double B said he is thankful Heavenly Father has carried us through the last year, and for me, well -- lots of things. But I agree with the three of them. We are stronger, we are braver, and Heavenly Father has definitely gotten us through. So thankful for so many blessings! 

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Ducksoup said...

Wow! you put on your own thanksgiving feast. i am so impressed rie! i could never do it. so way to go...and stuffed mushrooms sure tasted good this year. not sure but this baby of mine was in heaven eating them. maybe i could invite olivia over to make me some. did ben survive? how is he surviving getting ready for christmas? sounds like you had a great weekend. sure love you and am already sad you won't be at the christmas party.