Thursday, January 9, 2014

Birthday Anticipation

Olivia's birthday is in a couple of days. As you can imagine, this has pretty much taken over our world. It was what we discuss 99.98% of the time. What she wants (a unicorn that can give her magical powers -- or a bike), how she wants to celebrate and which friends she wants to celebrate with (she has a mother who has vetoed the evil of birthday parties in favor of taking a couple of friends to Mickey D's), when we will pick her up from school for her birthday lunch, if I will pull through and put balloons in her room like I did for KJ -- and the list goes on. In fact, last night after dinner as I was straightening up the kitchen she even pulled out a piece of paper and we had a written conversation about it... passing the paper back and forth. She has a countdown on her wall right next to her side of the bed and she informs me each night and morning just how close we are getting.
Birthdays are so fun.
After some serious thought, she has decided that she wants Dunkin' Donuts for her birthday breakfast. We are a family that has a real life love for donuts, but this is strange to relate in this big city -- there is pretty much nowhere to get delicious donuts. Krispy Kreme is almost an hour away on the Kansas side, and everything else around here, including little donut shops... just blah. So imagine our joy when we found a Dunkin Donuts only ten or so minutes away that is totally acceptable (side note: the Double B used to always criticize the donuts at our local grocery store in Utah, Lin's Market. But let me tell you, people, Lin's has some high quality donuts and now he is forced to agree!). Liv has pondered and decided that is what she wants to eat on the morning celebrating her birth. She decreed it yesterday morning, and oh boy, did Katelyn latch on to that idea. In fact, she just could not get it out of her head. About the time we were getting ready to leave for school she asked "you ready to go on our donut run?!" Imagine her horror when I told her we still had to wait a couple of days: "darn it! I love donuts!"
I know. It's hard to wait.
So that's us. Other then tonight after teaching my classes I have to dress up in pioneer costume and go pretend I'm Eliza R. Snow for a Relief Society dinner. I'm not exactly thrilled because the descriptions have been REALLY VAGUE. But I figure I can wing it with the best of them. So we'll just go and do!
The End.

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Ducksoup said...

wish i was there for her birthday. sounds like a good party!