Monday, January 13, 2014


Olivia turned 7. I tried to talk her out of it, but it just wouldn't work. The girl wouldn't budge! (Although I do think she had some fear that I may actually have the power to prevent her from aging. Ha ha! I wish!) Since her birthday fell on a Saturday this year and we have a tradition of getting our kids out of school on their birthdays to take them for a special birthday lunch, she spent extra time working out a plan and finagling her way into birthday lunch on Friday. This worked out great, though, because that was Daddy's day off and so she got him, too. She chose Dairy Queen so we headed down by the river -- about twenty minutes -- for a Frozen Hot Chocolate.
Katelyn does live a bit of a charmed life, because being the little girl at home and far, far away from babysitters, she gets to go to ALL the fun stuff. She loves it! 
Liv received packages from both sets of grandparents, and she loved, loved, loved their gifts. Grandma B happened to put in a few pictures of Daddy growing up, and Olivia is convinced they were sent for HER. So they are hanging in her bedroom as we speak. But that's okay. She is her Daddy's girl, so it is a present that makes sense to her. 
On Saturday her friend Emily and her American Girl Doll, also named Emily, joined us for some doll fun and a trip to the closest McDonald's play place. I know. I am a high class birthday mother. Pinterest parties have nothing on me, man!!! They had such a great time and three hours just zoomed by. Emily and Olivia, and Emily Jr. and Olivia Jr. all had a really great time.
Opening her eyes to her new bike! Thrilling! She was so happy with her day and so we were so happy. That night when we did our little family sing she abruptly blew out her candle half way through the birthday song. When KJ demanded to know why she would do such a thing, she told him that all her wishes had come true, so she didn't need to make another one! Isn't that the sweetest?? She is the best girl. I just feel so lucky to be her Mom.  
She also got her first CD -- One Direction, thank you, yard sales everywhere -- and when I went upstairs that evening I found her hunched up next to the stereo, searching the little booklet and following along with the tracks. This cracked me up. I think I've only done that nine hundred million times myself!  
The Tates came over last night for cupcakes. We are so thankful for them and that we have adopted family to celebrate things with. Liv loved having one last hurrah, then it really was a birthday weekend! Love this girl more then anything in the world. She is a One and Only, and we are so glad she is ours!!! 

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Ducksoup said...

Fun! Happy birthday miss Olivia! Looks like an awesome bday weekend! A new bike!! How cool is that.