Monday, January 6, 2014

Polar Vortex

So we live in the Middle of the United States. Not smack in the middle. More up and to the right a little. It knows how to do it's weather thing.
Right now we are in the middle of an Arctic Freeze, apparently -- maybe the coldest temperature in decades! It's warmed up so far today, so now it is only -3 degrees, with a -21 degree wind chill. What. The. Heck.
Last night after I'd fallen asleep (so I didn't see it until this morning), my charming brother Nick sent me this text: "Dear promised land AKA St. George... thank you for being a pleasant light jacketesk 46 degrees at this moment. Not 7!" Ha ha ha. Of course, that was before we took the plunge. This morning when I got up it was ten below, with a wind chill of minus 25.
And that is cold. Cold, cold, ridiculously cold. We've been able to keep everything up and running except for the toilet in our bathroom -- the pipes froze -- tragically nothing we could do about that one. Can't exactly leave the faucet running in there. We are hoping they will just take a couple days to unthaw and not burst. Hoping, hoping, hoping...

Like many of you, I have been closely following the gay marriage situation in Utah. I've felt hurt by a judicial branch that has been out of control for some time. But I know there are so many who have felt hurt by what they see as a social injustice. Such a deeply complicated issue. This morning the Double B (who is off today) and I had a heart to heart. I told him the thoughts that were rolling around my head and troubling me, and he was able to pick them up and put them in the right order for me so I could see a little more clearly, as he is so able to do. Then I just got a breaking news alert that the Supreme Court has ruled in favor of the state until the 10th District runs its course, and I just felt... relief. For the pure and simple fact that there MUST be checks and balances. And the federal government MUST allow States rights, that is one of the most central and critical parts of the founding of this country. I am sad, sad, sad that there is so much suffering all around. I am sorry, sorry, sorry, that people feel hurt. And if I could make any difference at all, if I could express myself in any way that mattered, I would just encourage us all to work in a spirit of love and be kind, kind, kind, even in the face of some pretty hurtful differences.
This is such an interesting world we live in.  

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Ducksoup said...

Oh man, had no idea about your temps. Was going to ask you via text this morning but then got sidetracked. Brrrrrr! So we have a bonus room above the garage and the temps get cold in there with poor insulation. A few weeks ago i called my dad because the toilet wouldn't flush and the water wouldn't turn on in the sink either. He told me to put a heater in there and have the sink and shower drip to try and defrost the pipes. I did it and pretty soon we were up and running again. So he then told me to just leave it dripping in the faucets every ten seconds or so, one on hot and one on cold. Anyway, you probAbly know all this but just wanted to share in case :).