Wednesday, February 18, 2015

In Other News...

Katelyn always has very interesting stories to tell Brother. And she's smart enough to let him hold her hand, because hands are his very favorite thing in the whole universe. 
Benson is finally starting to roll to get places. Slowly but surely he is discovering that rolling to his belly is not just something Mommy invented to torture him. He is the dang cutest. I'm watching him right now, rolling and kicking and talking in his Kermit-green jammies, giving me little froggy smiles. I love this wild man of mine. Today I was giving him kisses and he leaned back, looked at me and full on went in for the kill. He loves to give kisses, too, but this was the biggest, juiciest, most passionate kiss I've ever had. The Double B was sitting next to us and it just cracked us both up. Warmed my heart. He kept going back for more -- so cute, and so endearing, and slightly frightening because they really were the most slobbery kisses ever invented. 
He is getting a little closer to sitting up, but not too close, really. He can balance for a few seconds, but that's it. Plus, it kind of makes him spit up. He is a super-spitter. Slowing down, but it's still a trademark of his. We stamp our children by making them big and spitty. We're proud.
Look! The scariest photo-bomb ever!
She cracks me up.
KJ is at Scouts tonight. He has such great leaders and I'm so thankful for that. This weekend he will be going on his first Klondike Derby, to go camp and freeze in the snow. I have no idea why this is a good idea, but apparently they're doing it anyway. And he's all for it, so hey. I'm trying to let him do his thing here. One of his leaders, Rick, plays in an indoor soccer league with the Double B. He was telling BB on the way to the game the other night that a few Saturdays ago, when they were working on these wooden plaques for the Court of Honor, he looked over and there was KJ, dancing ballet in the corner. That busted both of us up when we heard that! BB told Rick, "Well, that's KJ." Totally. Rick told him that they explained to the other boys that many professional athletes dance ballet because it helps with flexibility and strength, etc. They seemed to accept that. What they don't know is that KJ would find the idea of playing sports as odd as they find his corner pirouetting, ha ha! What a kid. You know what? He beats to his own drummer. He always has, and I am so supremely glad that he does and that he is good with that. He thinks HE'S okay, he thinks YOU'RE okay. What a gift. 
He is funny, though. This eleven-year-old thing is funny stuff.
The other day Bensy finished eating and snuggled right up to me to fall asleep -- he couldn't stay awake one more minute! It was so sweet. I stole a moment before taking him to his crib, he was so soft and cuddly and it was so tender. I could have just held him there forever! As his little chest rose and fell and I felt his breath on my neck I thought to myself "This job isn't so bad at all." Lucky Marie to live that moment.

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