Monday, April 6, 2015

Still March

I may have been forced to be a little devious in Primary and pull out my phone to sneak this photo. It was just so cute! In my defense, everything was running smoothly and I was very sneaky. But still. 
It was cute. So the defense rests, your honor. 
I'm super glad I have the opportunity to be in Primary while my kids are. I hope they remember it... I know I will! 
In the days leading up to St. Patricks Day, Katelyn became very concerned she was going to be pinched. I assured her we would put her in green and she would be fine! But it took Miss Cindy to assure her there would be no pinching going on in preschool. That morning she had a green shirt and green shoes, but again became very concerned she wasn't wearing green pants! I think I convinced her she only needed a little green and off she went. She was super excited because Miss Cindy had green shoes just like her! Bless you, Miss Cindy. 
Olivia made me this rockin good St. Pattys card. I am, in fact, a super lucky mom. 
And here's a picture of squeaky clean Benson, simply because cuteness at this level should be shared with all. 
My Mom's good friend Lynette came and spent the day and night on her way to visit missionary siblings in Winter Quarters. It was so, so fun to have her. In fact, we had a hilarious time! At the end of the night, the only clean cup I had to send her to bed with was this tiny plastic orange one, ha ha. Slightly embarrassing! But with the right person, infinitely funny. 
We had a marvelous time visiting the sights. I loved, loved having her.Yay for friends! 

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