Monday, April 6, 2015

Meet Me At The Fair

After the Arch we visited the Botanical Gardens. Absolutely loved this special place! 
In fact, I have a fairly solid theory the Lord picked up the Garden of Eden and dropped it off here. 
My brother Matt called this picture "I have a stick... I'm being cute... Hello, my people!" I think that says it all. 
For lunch, The Cheesecake Factory! My favorite restaurant. The Double B really went out of his way to spoil me. I'm so lucky. 
We all had such a great time together. 
Everyone was exhausted. And by chance, we passed the St Louis temple on the way home! And picked up the best Frozen Hot Chocolate from Dairy Queen we've ever had. And found out our foster daughter Mariah was in the hospital to have her sweet baby boy, Bryar! So big weekend. 
32 got off to a great start. I am thankful for my life and the many blessings the Lord has so merciful given me! 

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