Friday, May 8, 2015

Perfect Weekend

Early in the morning on April 16 (post tax-season survival for my mom), my parents and Jon and Trina arrived for a long, fabulous weekend. 
We had the BEST TIME EVER. The Double B took off work and we played games, took adventures, and LAUGHED, LAUGHED, LAUGHED. 
It was ridiculously awesome. 
Benson was the happy recipient of lots and lots of lovin', and I was the happy recipient of LETTING him get lots and lots of lovin' (not from me).
We showed them our favorite haunts, played 50 million rounds of hand and foot, had a game night with the Tates, a date night with just the grown ups, a delicious Sunday dinner like only my mom can make, and they were there when we found out that we are moving to Las Vegas. 
So it was pretty much the perfect weekend. 
We loved, loved, loved having them come. When you are far away, nothing compares to a visit from your family! Thanks for coming, guys! 

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