Friday, June 26, 2015

Christmas Flash Back

So I'm not a hundred percent sure what got me thinking of this, since it was 110 today and we spent hours at the splash pad and drinking our weight in Frys drinks (a tragic discovery if ever there was one. They already know my order when I pull up to the window -- Diet Coke, double lime. It's so sad. And yet is so happy, too).
I think my Christmas Flash Back comes courtesy of a little board book Benny was playing with -- that puts pictures to the song "Mary, Did You Know." Kate wanted me to read it to her, recognized the lyrics, hunted down the Pentatonics Christmas CD and the portable movie player, and danced her little heart out to the music, on repeat.
So my little mind time machine took me back to last Christmas, when the Double B ate his entire box of birthday-cake Oreos and most of his sock candy during the opening of presents. Then ate a very sugary breakfast. Then declared himself very ill. All before about nine o'clock in the morning.
He spent pretty much all of Christmas day in bed, and didn't even feel good enough to come with us to celebrate that night with the Tates. Which was too bad, because we had fun. The rest of us had a jolly time. But not the Double B! We got back just in time for me to help offer him moral support while he barfed up everything he'd ever eaten in his life to that point. I pitied him -- at least 50%. Then Olivia called me upstairs because, sure enough, Katelyn was barfing. Then Double B. Then Katelyn. It was a Christmas barf competition!
Olivia was awarded the red badge of courage for being my faithful, compassionate assistant with all the yakking going on.
So that was Christmas 2014. A good year. Recited to you this 25th day of June, 2015.
The end.

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