Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Time Delays On Repeat

I am seeing a disturbing trend in Nevada. Well, not really disturbing since I have no pressing matters, but WOULD be disturbing if I had anywhere else to be but the DMV for three hours. 
Case in point: the two and a half hour middle school thingy I still am not convinced wasn't a huge waste of time -- except that KJ was so happy we were like all official and stuff by being there. And Olivia was pulling some great faces, so there was that. 
I also spent three infuriating hours with the Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles while they told me I couldn't get a Nevada drivers license because my birth certificate/social security card names didn't match (duh, I'm married), then they didn't like my marriage certificate because it was religious, then they just flat out didn't like how my birth certificate looked and alleged I was a terrorist with a copied birth certificate. (Note: that IS my birth certificate. You can ask my mom!) They sent me away with some real anger issues. Twenty bucks, a helpful state of Utah, and a few weeks later, they spent another hour telling me that they accepted my new fancy birth certificate in the criminal section of the dmv (literally, the man to the right if me failed his last drug test but swore he was sober for this one and the man to the left of me tried to explain in very broken spanglish just WHY he had the gun when he was arrested. Hashtag: I'm not a terrorist.) But they did NOT accept my two required bills because they had my husband's name on them and not mine. But... but... but...
Sputter of death. 
I think the lady knew they'd have to take me out in cuffs, so we worked it out. In 8-10 days I should have a drivers license for the state of Nevada, which is apparently planning to succeed from the Union, because they just don't care much what the federal government has to say about me and my alleged legalness. 
Finally, my two boys and I waited almost three hours in the doctors office so they could get their shots and I learned my oldest son is very, very invested in my youngest sons health and will answer any and all questions before I get the chance to. 
Sigh. I'm retiring. Maybe. 

I had the most beautiful afternoon in the Las Vegas temple last week-ish. It was a profoundly healing experience for me to be there. I was so thankful the Spirit basically  insisted I go and that I went. First time seeing the Vegas temple. Different but beautiful!
I am so thankful for those wonderful moments in our lives when we get exactly what we need. The Lord is so mindful of us and so good to us. 

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