Sunday, February 21, 2016

Last Week

We finally have a family theme! I have only wanted one for about 5 years is all. Well, WE GOT ONE. It came to us in a flash. 
The B family theme is "Put Your Shoulder To The Wheel." 
Go ahead and drink that in for a moment, I'll allow it. This is how it came about: The Double B and I love Dave Ramsey and have been doing The Total Money Makeover since August, and it rocks. We've been reading his book 'Smart Money, Smart Kids' to get more ideas on how to teach our kids to handle money wisely. We were having a Family Home Evening on work, because work is awesome (we're trying to convince them of that!). We really want to teach our kids the value of work -- sometimes it seems like we're succeeding, sometimes not so much. In this little lesson we made a promise to them. We promised we would teach them how to work. We promised we would teach them to be wise stewards over money. They might not always like it! But that is our promise to them. Then I taught them the chorus to one of my favorite hymns, 'Put Your Shoulder To The Wheel.' They loved it! And hearing their sweet, enthusiastic voices singing, I just knew. This was our family theme! It carries everything we want to be as a family -- faithful, helpful, team players, workers, wise. I suggested it as our family theme, and everybody was on board. Olivia has made a beautiful piece of art for our fridge of our theme. She said "maybe we can get it in vinyl!" For our wall. Because everyone knows it's not serious until it's in vinyl on your wall! We'll definitely have to look into that. I'm so excited -- we have a family theme! 

Look at my little work out partner. Isn't he so fun? He doesn't love the sun in his eyes so he often will cover one eye like this, pirate style. He likes our walks, as long as I take different paths. I've never seen a one-year-old fuss because he's bored of that route, but this guy does. If I shake things up, he doesn't make a peep -- just enjoys the ride. 
These two still have a complicated relationship. Katelyn loves to cuddle Benson, he loves her like crazy but can't stand his personal space restricted. She is trying to find that fine line between tender embraces and suffocating anothers bubble! These two are both trouble. I think they'll give us a run for our money growing up! 
KJ had a big scout back packing adventure and daddy had to work, so we had a girls day (plus baby brother).
Speaking of back packing, we were a little nervous for KJ, since he doesn't have a whole lot of experience with this! But he did great. He was happy to be home, but he had a great time. We are so lucky to have a great ym leader, an awesome bishop, and boys that are total friend material for our boy. He is doing so great. We are so blessed! 
Benson is a Daddy's boy -- big time. His favorite thing is to snuggle up to Dad, especially if he can interrupt whatever Dad is doing. The Double B is working on such a beautiful cross stitch right now! It's Cinderella and the Prince, and I love it. He loves to sit and stitch while we watch a show or read together. It's a great way for him to relax. 
My primary lesson was on how Heavenly Father watches over and protects us. I told them about the time as a kid when my daring got me in trouble and I got stuck in between two trees -- swaying in the breeze at the very top, stretched as far as my arms and legs could go. Couldn't go forward, couldn't go back! Boy, was I praying! My Dad saved me by leaning an extension ladder against the swing set and all the neighbor kids holding it down at the bottom. Quite death defying! One of my students is on the autism spectrum and has a special helper in primary. One of the ways she helps is to draw pictures of what they are hearing -- and she drew this! It really tickled me. And is exactly the way I remember it! 
Olivia the artist drew these portraits of herself and Katelyn during Sacrament Meeting. So cute. 
Spring has officially sprung here in Las Vegas! It is beautiful and warm and has us all under a happy haze of allergies. Now that is my idea of winter! It was 103 degrees on October 1st. And by the middle of February everything is blossoms. Hallelujah! Much different then Kansas City -- much more my style. 

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