Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Post-Prayer Conversations

KJ - Honestly, I'm worried there's a bird trying to break into our house.

Me - (tries hard not to laugh)

KJ - It's true, Mom! It keeps scratching on the roof!

Me - I'm sorry. You're just soooo my child!

KJ - It just sits there at the window and scratches on the roof. I think it's trying to get in!

Olivia - Seriously. Sometimes I'm taking a bath and I just want my privacy, but the bird is looking in the window like "hmmmmm"?

KJ - It's not there when I shower, but it's always there when I need to poop. It creeps me out!

*They proceed to walk up the stairs, still discussing the demon bird.*

And... scene.
This funny little moment needed to be recorded for future generations.

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